Terrance Rone

Terrance was born February 17th, 1973, in Kansas City, Kansas, to Henry and Shirley Rone and grew up in Chicago, Illinois.  Mr. Rone has three older brothers (Martez, Derek and Trasel) and younger twin sisters (Stacie, Tracie). 

Mr. Rone started off playing baseball and football.  With the influence of his older brothers Derek, who spent the previous summer at a basketball camp at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!  After returning from the camp, Derek began teaching his younger brothers how to play the game of basketball.

Mr. Rone maintained his love for football, but continued to play basketball throughout his junior years. When he started high school at James H. Bowen September, 1987, he played basketball and football. He was a standout performer at both. As a freshman (9th grade) Mr. Rone earned a starting position on the varsity football team as wide receiver and defensive end.  

Although not making the Varsity basketball team, he made the junior Varsity team and had a remarkable year leading his team in scoring as a freshman. In the 10th grade Mr. Rone stopped playing football and focused solely on basketball, the results were tremendous. That year, he averaged over 25 points per game and was invited by the Varsity coach to play with the team throughout the spring and summer. 

Over the next three years Mr. Rone’s game improved drastically, in his junior year of high school (11th grade) Mr. Rone lead his team to the sweet sixteen of the Chicago City League Championships. 

In his senior year (12th grade) Mr. Rone’s play gained him several honors in basketball and by the time he graduated from Bowen High School he had amassed numerous awards.    

In June 1991 Mr. Rone graduated from high school in the top 10% of his class with a basketball scholarship to one of the premier basketball programs in the country; Midland Junior College.  Midland has a great tradition in basketball and a host of star basketball players have come from the program;

Over the next two years Mr. Rone continued to excel on and off the court. Earning the chaparral award for hard work and making the Deans list for those students who earns a 3.0 grade point average and higher.

By the time Mr. Rone finished his two year stint at Midland he earned several awards and recognitions; 

In August 1993 Mr. Rone commenced at the University of Texas Pan American in Edinburgh, Texas.  Pan AM as it’s called is located on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.  He played one year at Pan Am in the Sunbelt Conference.  Although at Pan AM he did not have a stand out year, he did manage to make his mark with the team.  Mr. Rone started in 8 games that year before getting injured.    

After completing one year of basketball at UTPA, Mr. Rone was invited to play in Brazil representing team Texas in the Tournament of the Americas, competing against some of the top team through out the North and South America continent. 

Mr. Rone would spend the next couple of years playing in the Brazilian National in League in Porto Allegre, Brazil playing for Pepsi Sogipa.  The team finished first in its division but lost in the first round of the national qualifying round.  Mr. Rone averaged 25 pts per game, 6 assist and 5 rebounds. 

Mr. Rone returned from Brazil and went to Australia where F.A.B Star was found.  At that time F.A.B Star had one member and used to train at random out door courts or where ever they could find an indoor court.

After co founding F.A.B Star, Mr. Rone played on year in the New South Wales State League Basketball Competition for the Penrith Panthers.  He average 23 points, 12 rebound and 3 steals, which he lead league in steals. 

From there Mr. Rone would go to Switzerland and play in the Swiss league for Prilly in Lausanne, Switzerland, for a year and a half. 

Eventually, Mr. Rone returned to Australia to get back to developing F.A.B Star.  From then on the program grew each and every year.  Mr. Rone continued his basketball career playing in the Australian Basketball League for a variety of teams;

Over the years in Australia Mr. Rone made a name for himself coaching boy’s and girl’s basketball at various high schools and representative associations through out the Sydney Metropolitan area. 

Mr. Rone also has experience as a youth worker as well, working in U.S. juvenile Detention Centers and with several youth organization here in Australia.  Assisting young people with a variety of issues, ranging from domestic and relationship violence to anger management and bullying Mr. Rone has facilitated workshops on these topics and much much more.  Mr. Rone has mentored at risk youth and has a strong commitment to the community with his work with young people. 

Mr. Rone's hobbies are, playing chess, reading, writing music lyrics and poems and he is a loving husband with two beautiful sons, Trasel and Elijah.